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DIY Jamaican Jerk

Jamaica is known for its famous jerk chicken, visitors from all over the world visit Jamaica for our beautiful beaches, attractions, music and food.  One of such dish is the Jamaican jerk chicken, which is seasoned to the bone, slowly cooked over Pimento wood in a jerk pan. Jerk chicken is normally

Weight Gain Products in Jamaica

It may be surprising to others that are trying to lose weight, that there are millions of people around the world trying desperately to gain weight to gain confidence and to love their body even more.  there are many products on the market to help people gain weight however in

Best Jamaican Curry Powder

If you’re from Jamaica or ever been to the island, you know how popular Curry is in the Jamaican culture and cuisine. The Jamaican curry powder is made from a mix of allspices, high in turmeric and this is what gives Jamaican curry dishes that bright vibrant yellow color. We use

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